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Author Topic: How to get VPS free for 1 Month  (Read 1444 times)



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How to get VPS free for 1 Month
« on: 07:03:20 AM »
Okay , so you can get a nice vps for free for 1 month
you should have
Phone number ( your real one )
Spain VPN ( i use spain vpn a lot lol , but it works in every site cause its like uncommon )
you do not need credit card , you can pay after one month if u want
the website is ( the link iam using )
go here select any plan you want
now go to fakenamegenerator and get fake spain info
and copy and paste in the registration page
after you register , they will send you an email in your inbox to give your control panel a password
then they will call you in your phone number and they will activate your vps

Thank you for reading :) if you need help pm me
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