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We offer the creation of a turnkey Georgian company.
Company registration, opening of current accounts in the largest banks of Georgia.
Issue of corporate cards to the account.
Ability to connect acquiring.
Accounting service.

Also, there is always a large selection of ready-made companies.

Companies are registered for non-residents of Georgia, who visit the country only for registration activities, and no longer appear on its territory. This excludes even the hypothetical possibility of theft of funds by face value.

There is no regulation on cryptocurrencies and tokens in the country. In addition, the Georgian authorities provide all kinds of assistance not only to cryptocurrency, but to any business in general.

In Georgia, there are no analogues to the law 115FZ, respectively, there is no problem of account locks.

Georgia is confidently rising in international rankings reflecting the ease of doing business. In the European Doing Business, Georgia entered the top 10, leaving behind most of the EU countries, not to mention the CIS countries.
The banking system of Georgia is considered one of the most progressive in Europe and, given the association with the EU, the banking legislation of Georgia is on the path to integration with the European one.
The advantages include the lack of tight currency control, the flexibility of banks, multicurrency accounts (up to 30 currencies).
Georgia at the moment has not joined the automatic exchange of financial information with other countries and has not signed the MCAA.Accordingly, information about your account transactions will not be transferred to fiscal authorities of other countries.
Thanks to particularly favorable tax privileges, Georgia, as a jurisdiction has become a good alternative to offshore countries - the company receives tax discounts, but without the ?offshore? label

Do you have unique requirements for the company? We are happy to fulfill them!
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I will help to hack whats app / viber and much more (specify)
Without any prepayments, etc.
Payment upon delivery.
I work 24/7 I
guarantee anonymity.
Work through the guarantor of this forum, welcome.
Write only on soap (since I rarely visit the site):

Prices are adequate and reasonable.
Information security skills are in high demand now. As people strive to make an application out of everything and connect even the most primitive devices to the Internet, demand will only grow. Therefore, it is not surprising that today everyone wants to learn hacking.

However, in many forums you can meet beginners who do not know where to start learning hacking or where to practice it. Especially for them, we present a selection of sites where you can acquire and improve hacking skills.

The following sites are available in English only.

1. CTF365-

CTF365 users install and protect their own servers at the same time as attacks on the servers of other users. CTF365 is suitable for security professionals who want to acquire offensive skills, or system administrators interested in improving their defensive skills. If you are new to the info section, you can register for a free beginner account and get to know it using several pre-configured vulnerable servers.


OverTheWire is suitable for everyone who wants to study the theory of information security and put it into practice regardless of their experience. Beginners should start with Bandit-level tasks, as they are necessary to further solve other problems.


Hacking-Lab provide CTF tasks for the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge, but they also run regular competitions on their platform, in which everyone can participate. Just register, configure vpn and choose a task to your taste.


This platform focuses on pwn-tasks, like CTF, the essence of which is to search, read and send flag files that are in each task. To access the contents of files, you must use the skills of programming, reverse engineering, or exploiting vulnerabilities before you can submit a solution.

Tasks are divided into 4 difficulty levels: easy - for beginners, medium, complex and hardcore, where tasks require innovative approaches to solve.

5. IO-

the IO - this wargame from creators community where like-minded people share their knowledge about security, artificial intelligence, VR, and much more. 3 versions of wargame were created: IO, IO64 and IOarm, of which all IO is the most mature. Connect to IO via SSH and you can get to work.


SmashTheStack consists of 7 different wargames: Amateria, Apfel (currently offline), Blackbox, Blowfish, CTF (currently offline), Logic, and Tux. Each wargame contains many tasks, starting from standard vulnerabilities and ending with tasks for reverse engineering.


Microcorruption represents the CTF, in which you need to "zareversit" fictional Lockitall electronic locking devices. Lockitall devices protect bonds held in warehouses owned by the fictitious company Cy Yombinator. On the way to stealing bonds, you will get acquainted with the assembler, learn how to use the debugger, step through the code, set breakpoints and examine the memory.


Here you can find 26 tasks to test your hacking and reverse engineering skills. The site has not been updated since the end of 2012, but existing tasks are still valuable learning resources.


Hack This Site is a free wargame site to test and improve your hacking skills. We can find many hacker tasks in several categories, including basic tasks, realistic tasks, applications, programming, phreaking, JavaScript, forensics, steganography, etc. The site also boasts an active community with a large catalog of hacking articles and a forum for discussing security related issues. Recently it was announced that the code base of the site will be revised, so great improvements can be expected in the coming months.


W3Challs is a learning platform with many tasks in various categories, including hacking, wargames, forensics, cryptography, steganography and programming. The goal of the platform is to provide realistic tasks. Depending on the complexity of the problem, you get points. There is also a forum where you can discuss and solve problems with other participants.

11. PWN0-

The pwn0 site is a VPN where almost anything happens. Fight against bots or users and score points, gaining control over other systems.


Exploit Exercises offers a variety of virtual machines, documentation and tasks that will be useful in studying privilege escalation, vulnerability analysis, exploit development, debugging, reverse engineering, etc.


RingZer0 Team Online CTF offers more than 200 tasks that allow you to test hacking skills in several areas - from cryptography, malware analysis to SQL injection, shell coding and much more. Once you have found a solution to the problem, you can send it to RingZer0 Team. If your decision is made, you will receive RingZer0Gold, which can be exchanged for tips during solving problems.


On Hellbound Hackers you can find traditional tasks with exploits and such task formats that are not on other resources. For example, application patching and time-limited tasks. In patch tasks, you are given a vulnerable piece of code and you need to offer a fix for this vulnerability.


Try2Hack is one of the oldest sites for improving hacking skills, which is still afloat. He offers several tasks to have fun. The tasks are varied and become more and more difficult as you progress.

16. HACK.ME- is a large collection of vulnerable web applications for applying hacking skills in practice. All applications are provided by the community and each of them can be launched on the fly in a secure, isolated sandbox.

17. HACKTHIS !! -

HackThis !! consists of 50+ tasks of different levels, for each of which you get a certain number of points, depending on the level of difficulty. Like Hack This Site, HackThis !! there is also a vibrant community, numerous hacking articles and news, and a forum where you can discuss security tasks and issues.


Enigma Group contains over 300 tasks with a focus on the top 10 OWASP exploits. The site has nearly 48,000 active members and hosts weekly CTF competitions, as well as weekly and monthly contests.


Google Gruyere shows how to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications and how to protect against it. You can conduct real penetration testing and actually hack a real application using attacks like XSS and XSRF.


Game of Hacks shows you a set of code fragments in the form of a quiz with several choices, and you must determine the correct vulnerability in the code. This site stands out a bit from this list, but nevertheless it is a good game to identify vulnerabilities in the code.

21. ROOT ME-

Root Me offers more than 200 tasks and more than 50 virtual environments that allow you to practice your hacking skills in various scenarios. This is definitely one of the best sites on this list.


Although CTFtime is not a hacker site like the others on this list, it is a great resource to stay up to date with CTF events taking place around the world. Therefore, if you are interested in joining a CTF team or participating in a competition, you should take a look here.
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