Author Topic: ★ LuxChecker - HQ CC / DUMPS / BALANCE / AVS / PAYPAL Checker - Non-killing card  (Read 2378 times)


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Welcome to the LuX Checker service!

For buyers: You have happened that after the ss / dump checker you use them in the shop, but the card is decline because the checker killed it?
With the checker LuX Checker this will never happen again.

For buyers / sellers: Have you ever seen buyers buy ss, drive them in, then kill them and ask for a replacement / refund because the card is dead?
With Lux Checker you will be able to check cards / dumps for valid before selling and not to think that the checker will kill ss / dumps.

What is the difference between LuX Checker and other ss / dump checkers? Why are we better?

We have developed a completely new checker cards and dumps. When checking for valid cards or dumps, our check algorithm does not kill your cards or dumps, unlike other checkers!


- check for valid CC / DUMPS / Balance (CC / DUMPS / BALANCE / AVS / PAYPAL / BIN)
- single check or list check;
- for shops connection API;
- intuitive interface;
- ticket - system for customer support;
- Mobile version of the site;
- automatic recharge with bitcoin;
- support in Russian and English;
- discounts for large orders.

- support only through the ticket system on the site (we do not use ICQ / JID for customer support);
- we do not keep the history of checks for security purposes, save all results after the completion of the check
- accounts with zero balance (more than 60 days) will be deleted automatically.



Registration will be closed soon.
For the found bugs, a reward system is provided; we pay for every found bug!


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good cc store but their dumps shop always slow in updates.


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For all our members. Please remember that for your finance security and to be sure that your deal will be 100% safe we persistently recommend you to use our forum's Escrow Service. For more details and to figure out how Escrow Service works please follow this link:

Important information:
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