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Author Topic: How is strike from the CC?  (Read 677 times)



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How is strike from the CC?
« on: 03:12:02 PM »
Today I will tell you about the process of strike from the CC, as it happens, I will sort it out on the shelves.

First I will explain to you the terms that I will use to make everything clear.


CC - is a credit card. This is not a mandatory credit card, it can be a debit card, it is simply accepted to call it so generally all plastic payment cards.


Zip - zip code.


CA or cardholder - the cardholder, the person who owns the grandmother on it.


Shop - an online store with some goods.


Sock - SOCKS Proxy 5. SOCKS translated from English socks, so they call it that. Needed in order to disguise as kx.


Tunnel - SSH roughly a server to which you can connect and sit on the Internet through it. Also used for masking under the CC.


Strike - the process of ordering goods for someone else's money.

Warming up

Warming up the shop is a process when we sit on the shop website, examining various goods, depicting a real buyer. Also warming up the shop is sometimes called hammering inexpensive goods before driving the main product.


Drop - a person who takes the goods to his address and sends it on, for example, stinging or sending to another address.


Knacker is a person who accepts a sham product and then resells it, and the interest is paid to the card.

Now I will describe how the process itself takes place, in stages.

How to strike a plastic card? It's simple. First I buy the data from the card. Then I pick up a sock or a tunnel under it, try to ?get close? as close as possible to KH. Ideally, if ip will coincide even with the exact location of the ZIP CC. If this does not work out, then I take it under the city. If it doesn't work out like that, then I take the neighboring city, but this is a fucking option. Then I additionally configure the system, for example, set the appropriate time and time zone, and so on.

The next step - I am going to strike the goods) I go to the store, ?walking? on it, portraying a real buyer who chooses the goods. I add the goods I need to the cart and go to pay for them. I write all the data from a bank card in the required fields and click to pay. If everything is good, then the goods are strike, that is, it is not paid for with my money) If the payment did not go through, go to another shop and try again. If it doesn?t go well, it means that a not very good mate is caught, I take a new one and start a new one. Yes, this also happens, but it is not always successful to strike) But if you take a responsible approach to setting up the system and not scoring the shop on warming up, then it gives you well.

After driving, I wait until the goods reach the drop. After that, I get money from stingy. As a rule, it is from 30 to 60 percent of the value of the goods. Or I can deliver the goods to my country and sell it here, but it?s a lot of problems) As for me, it?s easier to buy two goods than to transport one product to yourself and sell it.

It's not that hard, right? The main thing is persistence and perseverance, and you will be able to learn carj. Follow my channel if you are interested in this topic.

Good luck to you, bro)
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