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Terms of the Carders
« on: 03:02:02 PM »
Today I will tell you about many terms, the price of them and what is better. Many words come in handy in the shadow segment. Without them you will be very difficult. And so let's get started. Let's make a plan to make it clear. Here is our plan for today.

    Carding - the illegal theft of funds from credit cards or bank accounts.
    CC - is a credit card. The cost depends on the country vbv / novbv. For example, the US is worth $ 5. And EU somewhere bucks 12-15$. With vbv 100-130$. EU-European countries.
    Cardholder - this is the rightful owner of the card.
    Shop - online store.
    Seller - the seller of something.
    Dedic (Dedicated server) - dedicated server. There are two types of homemade or served. What is the difference? In the fact that homework better drive in. because it looks more like a regular Ch system. They cost a little more. Price US 5$.
    Sock - Proxy SOCKS 5.
    What are the?
    a. From botnet
    b. Server The price is about a 1 $ per piece. Better with a botnet.
    Stuff - any product.
    Ship - buy in a store using a credit card.
    GV - Google Voice (virtual number in usa from google for making sms).
    Drop - the person who receives the package. There are two types. Adjustable and non-adjustable. The divorcers divorced them so that they would accept parcels from someone else's CC. They do not know that they are breaking the law, and those who are not watering know that they are breaking the law.
    Full CC - Fullz - complete credit card information, including information about the cardholder, (SSN, DOB, MMN.) a.
SSN - Social Security number (cardholder social security number) b. DOB - date of birth (date of birth of the cardholder) c. MMN - mother's maiden name (maiden name of mother of the cardholder, is not always the case)
    Virtual Machine. It can run one operating system from under the other. For example, on Windows 7, run Windows 10. The most popular are virtualbox and vmware. I like vmware more.
    Something is not clear? Did not like the article? Do you like it?
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