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Author Topic: Hacking Wi-Fi through Windows  (Read 733 times)



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Hacking Wi-Fi through Windows
« on: 03:08:27 PM »
Hi bro, today we will understand how you can hack wifi through a more familiar to all)

This will be useful if you can?t or don?t want to bother with Kali Linux.

We will use the program Router Scan. You can download it at this link:

In the search engine a lot of sites that offer to download this program, but I advise you to download only the link that I gave. Since there are a lot of sites with viruses instead of or merged with this program) And according to my link it is the author?s site.

By the way, the program has a very interesting feature - with the user's consent, it uploads the found password from the Wi-Fi network and the location of the router itself to the site. Thus, a huge database of hacked networks has already been created. Access to the site is free) I advise you to go there before downloading the program, maybe your neighbor's Wi-Fi is already hacked. Or maybe your router has been hacked, then you should change the password)) Link to the website:

Router Scan is generally a universal program) It finds and identifies a variety of routers and routers and pulls out useful info from them, including the Wi-Fi password.

Hacking is carried out on one of two options:

1. The program tries to select a login and pass to the router from the standard list, as a result of which it gets access.

2. If it fails, then its known bugs and vulnerabilities will be used for this particular router model, which allow you to either get a password or bypass the authorization itself.

You can scan the ip range of a city, country, etc.) But we will use scanning only those networks that our laptop catches. To do this, run the program. When you first start the program will ask if we want to send the results of the scan to a common database and will offer to accept the license agreement. Go to the last tab and put two jackdaws, wait until there is a wifi network.

Click on the one that we want to crack with the right mouse button and click on Obtain key with WPS ... and in the window that opens, Start audit.

The process of hacking will go on, and if everything goes well, then we will get a password from the desired wifi)

If that doesn't work, try another network. Well, if everything does not work out, then either put up with it, or bother with more complex methods)) To protect, update the firmware of your router and set a complex password.

Good luck bro.
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