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Welcome offer you a quality service DDoS.
Affordable prices from $ 5 per hour.
from $ 50 per day.
from $ 200 a week.

The main types of attacks: icmp syn udp http data!
Friendly support!

Discounts for large orders.
Loyalty discounts.
100% anonymity.
Work through the guarantor for your account.
-Web Money
-WMZ / R card
Undertake the 'heavy Projects' variruetsya price of $ 200 per day
Can work on a permanent basis in 2000 wmz month (easy, medium DDoS url to 3 at a time) at any time, you can change the url 5-10-15 url price.

ICQ 777846
Jabber; [email protected]


When ordering, use this form of treatment: "The purpose, the period when the start is needed. I have a reputation there something you are advised to something in the budget is limited such that wallet is not limited to the main result of "If you do not understand anything in the description of our subject, or want to clarify some point, please contact us and we will explain everything to you.

Free tests do not, get counseling after payment. Ripaki, Grifters, testers, resellers can go by.

Thank you for your understanding, good luck my friends.

Здравствуйте, предлагаем вашему вниманию качественный DDoS сервис.
Доступные цены от 50$ сутки.

Основные типы атак: icmp syn udp http data!
Адекватный суппорт!

При больших заказах скидки.
Постоянным клиентам скидки.
100% Анонимность.
Работаем через гаранта за Ваш счет.
Не участвуем в схемах шантажа.
Заказ принимаем от 1 с уток.
Принимаем :
-Web Money
-WMZ/R карты
Беремся за 'тяжелые проэкты' цена варируеться от 200 wmz день
Можем работать на постоянной основе 2000 wmz месяц (легкий,средний ддос до 3х url одновременно)в любой момент url можно поменять 5-10-15 url цена договорная.
ICQ 777846
Jabber; [email protected]

Проверки/Отзывы*-*Denna sida är till salu!*-*Det bästa sättet att hitta information om zion-network.
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