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How to use Escrow Service
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Escrow service allows you to speed up the process of the transaction and maximize the safety of users from unscrupulous actions of their partners.

Procedure for the transaction:

    Users privately negotiate all the terms of the deal.
    One of the participants should create a thread in the forum "Escrow". The author enters the nickname of another party to the deal when creating thread. Only participants of the deal and administrators can see the deal.
    Detailed terms of deal, total amount of the deal and contacts of both participants are specified in a thread.
    The second participant of the deal has to confirm the specified information.
    Depending on terms of deal one of the participants has to send money to the BTC/LTC address in the special block (see below the first message).
    After replenishment of the deal (see below the first message) you can begin to work.
    From now on, the participants must independently conduct the deal, transfer and check the goods, agree on options for solving the problems that have arisen, etc.
    Upon completion of the transaction the buyer has to press the red button (see below the first message) "Send money to another participant in the transaction".
    After that the seller has to come into a thread and enter the Bitcoin/Litecoin address a purse on which payment will be made.

Attention! We remind you:

    "Escrow Service" works only with Bitcoin and LItecoin.
    Refill only on the Bitcoin purse specified in the created thread.
    All communication with the administration of the forum is only in thread of the "Escrow" forum.
    The forum administration never writes you the first.
    The transferred amount of BTC/LTC to the "Escrow" wallet is converted into $ at the exchange rate of Bitfinex.com at the moment of receiving three confirmations. When the transaction is completed, $ is converted to BTC/LTC at the exchange rate of Bitfinex.com at the time of payout.