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Carder Planet Shop Online Dumps Shop, Buy CC :: Buy Dumps :: Sell CC :: Sell Dumps T1-T2 :: CVV :: Dumps :: PayPal :: SSN :: DOB :: Full CC INFO :: Bank Logins


General Rules :

    The owners of this page take NO responsibility for the way you use the information provided on this website.
    By registering on the site you automatically Agree with service rules.
    Funds are credited automatically depending of the payment processor.
    The funds credited to the user account cannot be refunded, all deposits are final.
    Any sort of cheating or suspicious activity will result a permanent BAN from the site. Registration is free as long as we allow it.
    It is NOT ALLOWED to share your account details, you take responsibility if you lose your password.
    Administration reserves the right to refuse rendering services, registration or delete an account without explanation

Support :

    Do not ask us to update the database with particular items.
    All items that we have for sale are in this website.
    Do not contact support with stupid question or you will only be ignored.
    If you have any problem or suggestion, submit a ticket to support by following this :
        Your message must be in English only. Indicate the subject. Describe in details your problem (including all proof). One question = One message, don't flood with same ticket. If your message contains any abusive words or threats, you will be banned.

Read before Buy (Cards & Checker) :

    We are not responsible for Card Balance | Addresses | Zip/Phone | Email | DoB | SSN | MMN | DL.
    NO REPLACEMENTS FOR CARDS MARKED VALID. Checker Reported Card as VALID but it is not APPROVED for you :
        It can be because the card has a very low balance Or because the checker killed it.
        We do not refund for this case, it is a matter of luck.
    You can automatically check the card after your purchase.
    If checker shows ERROR/UNKNOW, retry or contact support.
    Claims against the checker will not be accepted, we use a third-party checking service. The checker fee is 0.5$ for VALID cards.
    You can check a card within 60 minutes after buying, after this time, don't submit a ticket.



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random dumps check results (try2check service) (VARGAS-T1T2,VARGAS-T2 dbs):
CC_number    Auth_code    Auth_result    Amount    Void    Merchant location
510982XXXXXXXXXX=1606    [00]      APPROVAL     6.11    void in 49sec    44718:OH:STARK:CANTON
443045XXXXXXXXXX=1705    [05]      DECLINE     2.59    -    47960:IN:WHITE:MONTICELLO
540385XXXXXXXXXX=1710    [00]      APPROVAL     1.78    void in 49sec    89426:NV:HUMBOLDT:PARADISE VALLEY
434256XXXXXXXXXX=1602    [00]      APPROVAL     2.47    void in 49sec    57529:SD:GREGORY:DALLAS
536013XXXXXXXXXX=1701    [00]      APPROVAL     5.57    void in 49sec    95365:CA:MERCED:PLANADA
408586XXXXXXXXXX=1504    [00]      APPROVAL     6.30    void in 49sec    85299:AZ:MARICOPA:GILBERT
515597XXXXXXXXXX=1508    [00]      APPROVAL     9.72    void in 49sec    48414:MI:SHIAWASSEE:BANCROFT
403690XXXXXXXXXX=1803    [00]      APPROVAL     5.60    void in 49sec    22033:VA:FAIRFAX:FAIRFAX
546616XXXXXXXXXX=1505    [05]      DECLINE     3.85    -    45812:OH:HARDIN:ALGER
414720XXXXXXXXXX=1803    [00]      APPROVAL     8.72    void in 49sec    70162:LA:ORLEANS:NEW ORLEANS
545800XXXXXXXXXX=1607    [00]      APPROVAL     4.29    void in 49sec    62293:IL:CLINTON:TRENTON
474489XXXXXXXXXX=1707    [pre-auth error]      This card type is not allowed for current merchant.     2.32    -    50394:IA:POLK:DES MOINES
546630XXXXXXXXXX=1509    [00]      APPROVAL     8.94    void in 49sec    54131:WI:OUTAGAMIE:FREEDOM
478200XXXXXXXXXX=1701    [00]      APPROVAL     7.46    void in 49sec    47946:IN:PULASKI:FRANCESVILLE
546533XXXXXXXXXX=1602    [00]      APPROVAL     5.46    void in 49sec    28342:NC:CUMBERLAND:FALCON
476165XXXXXXXXXX=1901    [00]      APPROVAL     3.60    void in 49sec    43080:OH:LICKING:UTICA
480213XXXXXXXXXX=1607    [00]      APPROVAL     9.92    void in 49sec    64639:MO:CARROLL:DE WITT
519955XXXXXXXXXX=1708    [00]      APPROVAL     7.93    void in 49sec    59749:MT:MADISON:SHERIDAN


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Спасибо за базу 01.07-USA_NO_INFO и своевременное решение проблемы с доступностью шопа.  Почаще так радуйте!!!