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Georgia Companies for Sale
« on: 10:04:55 AM »
We offer the creation of a turnkey Georgian company.
Company registration, opening of current accounts in the largest banks of Georgia.
Issue of corporate cards to the account.
Ability to connect acquiring.
Accounting service.

Also, there is always a large selection of ready-made companies.

Companies are registered for non-residents of Georgia, who visit the country only for registration activities, and no longer appear on its territory. This excludes even the hypothetical possibility of theft of funds by face value.

There is no regulation on cryptocurrencies and tokens in the country. In addition, the Georgian authorities provide all kinds of assistance not only to cryptocurrency, but to any business in general.

In Georgia, there are no analogues to the law 115FZ, respectively, there is no problem of account locks.

Georgia is confidently rising in international rankings reflecting the ease of doing business. In the European Doing Business, Georgia entered the top 10, leaving behind most of the EU countries, not to mention the CIS countries.
The banking system of Georgia is considered one of the most progressive in Europe and, given the association with the EU, the banking legislation of Georgia is on the path to integration with the European one.
The advantages include the lack of tight currency control, the flexibility of banks, multicurrency accounts (up to 30 currencies).
Georgia at the moment has not joined the automatic exchange of financial information with other countries and has not signed the MCAA.Accordingly, information about your account transactions will not be transferred to fiscal authorities of other countries.
Thanks to particularly favorable tax privileges, Georgia, as a jurisdiction has become a good alternative to offshore countries - the company receives tax discounts, but without the ?offshore? label

Do you have unique requirements for the company? We are happy to fulfill them!

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